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EEC's Parkways for Pollinators program seeks to transform public spaces into pollinator forage and habitat, working to remediate the soil and capture carbon.


With seeds sourced from the community and the Field Museum, growing resources provided by Loyola's Urban Agriculture Program, and distribution through the Edgewater Environmental Coalition, we are pleased to offer native plant seedlings for our registered Parkways for Pollinators sites.


EEC provides resources including education, designs, planting supplies and materials, and native plant seedlings to registered sites.


Additional support provided from the Chicago Conservation Corps.

View more information on EEC, visit

Should a native garden be planted at this site, do you agree to maintain it in the future?

For example: Residential parkway or Thorndale Community Garden or Balmoral Ave corner garden

If exact address is unavailable, please provide cross-streets

Is the site publicly accessible?
Do you have permission to modify this site?
Is there already a garden, landscaping, or plants at the site?

EEC will provide plants and resources to create the garden and build on it annually, you will be responsible for maintaining it.

Is there a water source within 50 ft of the site? Hose spigot, outdoor sink, etc?
Will you need help to prepare the site for planting and/or with planting?

Examples: hands to help with site prep & planning.

Do you need grant funding to make your site happen?

EEC has received some grant funding to help should it be needed to provide gift cards as grants to sites for these needs. To help pay for your time/labor, soil, mulch, fencing/barriers, additional plants, etc. If this is your circumstance, and you need some extra financial help to get started, please let me know and we'll make the arrangements with you to ensure you can participate.

Are you interested in volunteering to help with seed sorting/organizing and/or plant distribution preparation?
Are you interested in donating native seeds?
Property Type
Is the location part of an Affordable Housing project or Chicago Housing Authority

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Your submission has been recorded! See you soon!

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