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Pumpkin Smash (Fall 2023)

Don’t trash it, smash it!

The annual Pumpkin Smash event seeks to educate residents about the advantages of composting food waste. We invite you to meet in the parking lot at 6040 N. Clark Street, north of the Fire Station, to have some free Halloween-related fun. Join us on Saturday, November 4th (12pm to 4pm), to green your Halloween by reducing neighborhood food waste.

All are welcome to drop off pumpkins without getting out of your cars. You may join in on the smashing fun by tossing your pumpkins in the giant compost container as well. We request that all pumpkins brought to the event are free of non-biodegradable materials such as candles, plastic or metal decorations.

With the help of hundreds of area residents, the Edgewater Pumpkin Smash has diverted tons of pumpkins from area landfills. Decreasing landfill contribution is a fantastic strive to reduce local carbon emissions. Join our efforts to compost festive pumpkins on November 4th (12pm to 4pm) and contact Nina Newhouser at for volunteer inquiries!



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