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Community Air Research Experience (CARE)

The Community Air Research Experience (CARE) is a geoscience learning community that engages underrepresented undergraduates in research to measure and attribute air pollution in Chicago neighborhoods that differ in socioeconomic demographics and proximity to industrial facilities.

As a community partner in the NSF GEOPaths Community Air Research Experience (CARE) at Loyola University Chicago, the Edgewater Environmental Coalition (EEC) contributes ours local expertise to help achieve the project’s goals:

(1) to provide an applied, socially-relevant research experience for underrepresented minority students;

(2) to understand the spatial distribution and temporal variation of particle pollution in Chicago; and

(3) to provide air quality data for community use.

Learn more on the project’s webpage:

Below we have the 2023 online outreach materials that help to explane fine particulate matter, how to check air quality, and how to protect yourself when it’s bad.

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