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EEC holds monthly meetings for members of the group and the public to share action items, project updates, and other announcements. It's a friendly space to introduce yourself and get connected!

If you'd like to formally add an agenda item, please email at least 10 days in advance for consideration. We're open to all items that support our mission and vision.


After attending two or more meetings, individuals are granted official membership in the org, which means they are able to vote on  resolutions. A co-chair will reach out to get to know you better and explore shared environmental interests and goals.

EEC Monthly Meeting

June 13, 2024 at 11:30:00 PM

Hybrid - Zoom & at 6018 N Kenmore

Dig In: Worms Belong In the Kitchen – Composting and Vermiculture

June 15, 2024 at 3:30:00 PM


Be sure to check out all our other events on the Events page!

Take Action / Attend an Event

How We Work

As a coalition of local volunteers, we provide resources — knowledge, experience, skills, connections, funding — and facilitate projects spearheaded by individuals and organizations in our community.


We strive to be a welcoming forum for discussion of topics relevant to our mission, vision, and strategic plan. We advocate for environmentally sustainable policy, and support aligned legislative initiatives at the state and federal level, as well as projects that demonstrate the effectiveness of such initiatives at the local and hyper-local level.


We work best when an individual member takes the lead on a project, uses the broader membership for resources and direction, and breaks out a core group of interested and committed individuals to develop the project and achieve its goals.


Join a Project

At any given time, EEC is typically pursuing multiple projects. Some result in one-off events, others are ongoing initiatives, while others are more intermittent or seasonal. Many members are loosely organized around issue-focused working groups, including waste, high-rise composting, native plants and gardens, trees, and transportation.


Email if you’re interested in collaborating with a team, or get connected via Slack!

For more information about EEC’s projects, go here.

Take Action / Join a Project

Propose a Project

If you (an individual or organization) have a specific project (an event, campaign, or action with a tangible goal) that you want to accomplish in Edgewater, then EEC can potentially provide resources, connections, funding, and volunteers to help.

To submit a project idea and funding request, fill out the Project Funding Request form. Typical grants are $500 and under; for energy / larger projects, different funding opportunities are available through our fiscal sponsor).

Take Action / Propos a Project

Join the Team

EEC is comprised of a volunteer-based Board of Directors and Community Advisory Committee. These positions involve organizational planning, coalition decision-making, and community advocacy. Join the EEC's discussions and planning at meetings and in ongoing initiatives!


Have a passion for sustainability and community building, and interested in joining as a co-chair, director, or committee advisor? Connect with us by filling out this form either expressing your own interest or recommending someone to join the EEC team.

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