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Strategic Intentions

2021 and beyond!

  • Serve as a community voice on environmental issues

    • Develop an annual advocacy agenda to advance and support key advocacy issues

    • Participate in local, state and federal lobby days

    • Connect community partners and public officials, with a priority in Edgewater, but also across the city and at the state and federal levels

    • Reach out and engage with elected officials toward advocacy goals

    • Participate in large-scale efforts to promote action on climate

    • Educate the public and become a repository of green information resources

  • Advance tangible solutions for environmental challenges in our community

    • Together, model and implement initiatives in green building and infrastructure, waste reduction, sustainable transportation and renewable energy

    • Enhance biodiversity and resiliency by cultivating and maintaining local natural ecosystems

    • Become a model for other Chicago communities

    • Explore pilot projects, including creating a verdant circular economy

    • Create a data baseline and consolidate, update and maintain environmental measures

  • Align program activities with available resources

    • Consider formalizing a leadership structure to ensure continuity, management of workload and provide further opportunities for involvement

    • Ensure equity, inclusion, environmental justice and anti-racism are at the forefront

    • Develop an annual expense budget to reflect program priorities

    • Identify an annual fundraising goal to match expense budget

    • Seek opportunities to raise organizational profile, expand email list and increase social media engagement and web traffic

  • Provide opportunities and resources for direct action by community members

    • Continue the garden grants and tree-planting program

    • Continue clean-and-green days and invite more participation

    • Maintain stewardship of Osterman Beach dunes area and identify new opportunities to restore green space

    • Welcome new opportunities for direct action

  • Focus on intentional partnership development to advance the above green initiatives

    • Scan Edgewater for potential partnerships with schools, block clubs, faith-based organizations, other nonprofits and businesses

    • Share new strategy and brand with current partners via one-on-one stakeholder conversations

    • Continue to be a resource to any organization and remain open to input from any individual or organization looking to bring environmental issues to EEC’s attention


10-year Anniversary Summary (2010-2020)


Community Voice

  • Hosted 50+ public events bringing experts and the community together on climate, composting, energy, and water

  • Forged partnerships with 40th, 48th, and 50th Ward city council offices, as well as state and federal elected officials

  • Participated in annual lobby days in Springfield with Illinois Environmental Council

  • Organized annual bike and walking tours highlighting sustainability, preservation, and energy use


  • Organized Clean and Green Earth Days, in collaboration with local elected officials, bringing volunteers together with one objective: cleaning local parks, school, and public spaces

  • Spearheaded Green Schools initiative with 15 local schools, in collaboration with Ald. Osterman and IL State Senator Steans

  • Planted 150+ trees and awarded 50+ corner garden grants to beautify our neighborhood, enhance the urban canopy, and create habitat for wildlife

  • Restored native dune habitat at Osterman Beach, including the planting of more than 1,500 plants



  • Participated in Lake Shore Drive Visualization Task Force

  • Collaborated on concept design for the extension of the lakefront bike/pedestrian path from Hollywood to Thorndale

  • Supported efforts to make electric vehicle charging available to all communities in Chicago

Waste Reduction

  • Hosted 25+ residential recycling presentations for small- and mid-sized buildings

  • Established contact with 60 recycling block captains

  • Ensured that a 2 x 2 block area in Edgewater North was 100% compliant with new Chicago recycling ordinance

  • Supported and advocated for community composting programs



  • Supported a rotating loan for nonprofits to install solar panels, including at the Edgewater Historical Society

  • Conducted light efficiency survey of buildings, parks, and other publicly-lit areas in Edgewater

  • Supported diesel fuel emission reduction as part of the city’s diesel contracting ordinance

  • Participated in Citizens’ Climate Lobby group advocacy to place a fee on fossil fuel collection

See annual summaries here.
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