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48th Ward Alder Election Town Hall on the Environment: Post-Event Candidate Survey Responses

At our Election Town Hall on the Environment event, we were unable to ask people's direct questions submitted. We submitted them to the candidates and give you their answers now.

We used all questions submitted to us to inform the questions asked live. This survey gives more insight into environmental concerns and priorities in the 48th Ward directly from residents and allows candidates to further share your environmental platform. Some questions have overlap with those asked at the town hall, others are new. With some minor edits for clarity, the questions are exactly as they were submitted to EEC.

There were about 40 questions from attendees. The end of the survey is an additional 12 multiple choice questions asking candidates to clarify positions on the campaigns and initiatives EEC supports with yes, no, or maybe answers.

No questions were required, we told candidates to answer as many or as few as they'd like in whatever length or format.

Also, the results of the 48th Ward block club coalition survey are available (which EEC also participated in forming). It has more than 30 questions addressing governing style, city finances, economic development, environment, housing, public safety, and transportation.

You can learn more about the survey and how it was created here. Download the list of questions, the combined responses, and the individual candidate responses in PDF and Excel format from this Google Drive.

Compare candidate responses, side-by-side in your browser, in this Google Sheet. If you have trouble accessing the file, you can view the file as web page, or download the Excel file from the Google Drive.

Happy voting!


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