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Chicago’s Urban Ecology: Friends of the Edgewater Library EEC Resource list

You may be interested in exploring more about Chicago’s urban ecology and ecological restoration. Friends of the Edgewater Library prepared this list of selected resources available through Chicago Public Library (

The Edgewater Branch of the Chicago Public Library is located at 6000 N. Broadway.

Chicago’s Urban Nature: A Guide to the City’s Architecture and Landscape by Sally Anderson Chappell (available at the Edgewater Branch Library) – Packed with maps and recommended tours, and bursting with splendid photos, this is an essential guidebook for day-trippers, lifelong Chicago residents, and professionals in landscape architecture, urbanism, and design.

Chicago: City of the Big Shoulders – This DVD documentary introduces a group of environmental activists from various backgrounds who are dedicated to the greening of Chicago.

City Creatures: Animal Encounters in the Chicago Wilderness by Gavin Van Horn – City Creatures introduces readers to an astonishing diversity of urban wildlife with a unique and accessible mix of essays, poetry, paintings, and photographs.

City of Lake and Prairie: Chicago’s Environmental History edited by Kathleen Brosnan, ann Keating and William Barnett (available at the Edgewater Branch Library) – Drawing on its contributors’ interdisciplinary talents, this volume reveals a rich but often troubled landscape shaped by communities of color, workers, and activists as well as complex human relations with industry, waterways, animals, and disease.

A Healthy Nature Handbook edited by Justin Pepper and Don Parker – This book is packed with successful approaches to restoring nature and is a testament to both the Chicago region's surprising natural wealth and the stewards that are committed to its lasting health.

Liquid Capital: Making the Chicago Waterfront by Joshua A. T. Salzman – This book shows how, through a combination of entrepreneurship, civic spirit, and bareknuckle politics, the Chicago waterfront became a hub of economic and cultural activity while also the site of many of the nation's precedent-setting decisions about public land use and environmental protection.

Brute Neighbors: Urban Nature, Poetry, Prose, and Photography by Liam Heneghan – At a time when our environment is under constant threat, we turn to an unlikely source for answers: The city. In this urgent anthology, poets, photographers and essayists show there is much to be learned at the intersection of the urban and the wild.

Using your Chicago Public Library card, you also may access free streaming materials such as audiobooks, music, videos, and e-books from

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