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Community Air Research Experience (CARE) Air Quality Results

Last week Chicago experienced unhealthy air and some of the worst quality in the United States due to wildfire smoke from other regions. Specifically, on Tuesday the Air Quality Index (AQI) reached 209 by noon, the worst of any major city in the world for the day, according to IQAir. For context, good air quality has a value of index of 0 to 50. So, a level of 209 would be considered very unhealthy and can increase the health effects for everyone that is exposed to the air. For some, this may be the first time that the air quality has been a topic of conversation and for others, this highlights the importance of air quality monitoring.

One group that monitors and studies air quality in local areas, like Edgewater, is the Community Air Research Experience (CARE) group based out of Loyola's School of Environmental Sustainability. In May EEC partnered with this group to help install PurpleAir sensors in Edgewater to help students with their research process during their one-month internship. Now, the students have finished their internship and are ready to present their work and findings to the Edgewater community both through an in-person event and through online outreach materials.

Below the CARE group has provided EEC with a video that explains fine particulate pollution (such as dust and smoke), how to check the air quality, and how to protect yourself when the air quality is bad.


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