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Edgewater's CMAP Greenhouse Gas Inventory

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) conducts a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory in northeastern Illinois, among which is Edgewater in Cook Country, to understand regional emissions levels and what they mean for our energy intake and our reduction targets.

This Edgewater 2019 Community Area Emissions Summary provides local emission summaries for energy, transportation, and community characteristics, highlights of which include:

  • Edgewater's residential electricity is 2,258 kWh/person compared to the City of Chicago's 2,326 kWh/person

  • Edgewater's non-residential electricity is 2,999 kWh/person compared to the City of Chicago's 6,182 kWh/person

  • Waste sector generates 20,693 metric tons of CO2 equivalent

  • Electric vehicle ownership lies at 62 with 4 total charging stations

  • Solar potential lies at 63 MW

  • Median household income is $55,768

  • Tree Coverage is 27%

  • Impervious Surfaces percent of land area is 74%

Read the full Edgewater 2019 Community Area Emissions Summary here.

Consistent with the Paris Agreement's goal of limiting global warming to under 2ºC, the comprehensive plan for NE Illinois calls for GHG emission reductions by 80% in 2050, and our region is not currently on track. In contrast with the 5% annual reduction level needed for meet this goal, our region currently reduces its emissions at a 1% annual level.

For the purpose of informing reduction plans for decision makers and community members, the Edgewater 2019 Community Area Emissions Summary exposes our current state of emissions and energy consumption to outline a more effective action plan.

Read the full CMAP Regional GHG Inventory here.


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