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Ethan's Look Back as the EEC Intern

Hey Everyone!

My name is Ethan Bower, and since December of 2022 I have had the privilege of being the Edgewater Environmental Coalition Intern. As a former member of the Community Air Research Experience (CARE) 2022 Cohort through Loyola's School of Environmental Sustainability, I was familiar with EEC and its work prior to the start of my internship which helped me to hit the ground running. Throughout my time as the intern I experienced and was able to gain insights on community based environmental activities that I will take with me to my future careers and cherish forever. Also, I was able to strengthen and further develop my promotion and communication skills through blog posts, event creation, and website updates and creations.

Specifically, as the intern I was able to help with the Openlands TreePlanters Grant, 48th Ward Alder Election Town Hall on the Environment, Friends of the Park Seed Grant, and more. While most of my work was on the computer helping with the website and communication side of things, some of the best memories that I have with EEC are going to the events and being able to talk to long time EEC members and Edgewater residents. Whether it was a brief hello or an in-depth conversation it was amazing to get to meet and talk to so many different people.

However, as my time is over and we welcome a new intern I would like to say that it was so fun and rewarding to be the EEC intern. I will miss making blog post covers and getting to help with different events, but I am so thankful for my time and will continue to be involved with EEC as often as I can. Thank you !!


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