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Event Recap: Community Disaster Preparedness and Mutual Aid

This workshop is a really deeply energizing to talk about the ways we can work together to be prepared. Thank you to the Edgewater Mutual Aid Network for co-hosting the event and to SSA #26 and the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce for their support in our 2022 Community Resiliency Workshop Series. This was the final workshop for the campaign!

Remember to sign up for EEC's email list and look out for future events on our website. If you want to be a part of organizing similar events in the future, shoot us an email.

EEC hosted a virtual evening of talking community disaster preparedness specific to Edgewater and Chicago with Zoë Higgins, Mutual Aid Disaster Preparedness Advocate. Monica Dix with EEC spoke on the Chicago-climate context, and Zoë shared her background and experiences with preparedness in Louisiana, myth vs reality of disaster events, and why everyone should have some level of preparedness. Zoë shared practical tips for:

1. having a 72-hour kit,

2. extreme cold/snow and how to help unhoused neighbors,

3. urban preparedness and benefits of urban environments in a disaster context.

As we transition to winter, we learned how we can build community through keeping each other safe.

Make sure to follow Zoë's work on Tiktok @quarantinewino.

Watch the video and check out the take-home resources from Zoë below.

72 Hr Kit Checklist 1
Download PDF • 171KB

72 Hr Checklist 2
Download PDF • 256KB

FEMA Checklist
Download PDF • 152KB

Download PDF • 361KB


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