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Fall 2022 Urban Resilience Workshops

You’re invited to our Fall 2022 Urban Resilience Workshops! Taking place in the coming weeks, these two events are designed to share resiliency skills, strategies, and resources among community stewards of the Edgewater neighborhood.

Join this experiential workshop exploring the healing potential of plants. This 90 minute workshop offers a vision of using water as a fundamental healer for the human body. We will make tea and discuss other herbal preparations that are water based. Please bring something to write on and with, as we gather to discuss the simple yet powerful method of using herbal medicine and learning about herbs. Rev Kim Crutcher (LCPC) is an artist, teacher and mental health counselor committed to fostering holistic transformation in individuals, groups and communities. Using ritual, song, the written word, storytelling, Western psychotherapy, folk healing traditions, and the creative process Kim is able to meet the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical needs of her clients. Currently Kim stands in the role of Chief Conductor of the Herbal Apprenticeship program with Urban Grower's Collective.

Transition into fall by learning to mend fabrics with Nandi Duszynski of Bliss Joy Bull and local Scrap Squad Chicago artists. Learn basic sewing skills and Sashiko mending techniques for both knit and woven fabrics, and consider bringing clothing items from home to repair for your winter wardrobe or before donating. Event brought to you with support from the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce and Special Service Area #26.

We encourage you to share this information within your other groups and newsletters.

Hope to see you there!


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