Free Compost Available Now @ Gateway Garden!

EEC arranged for a compost delivery for the community and you are welcome to it! Bring your buckets, wagons, and containers to the Edgewater Gateway Garden to get some for your parkway and gardens!

Keep the pile covered with the tarp and keep using the bricks to keep the tarp down once you've gotten your haul. There is a shovel there, leave it there for others to use too.

The Edgewater Gateway Garden is at Hollywood/Ridge/Magnolia. Off Hollywood on the north side of the street between Ridge & Magnolia. Pile is to the right of the Welcome to Edgewater sign. It is 10 cubic yards from MWRD. If interested, learn more about the compost here: Huge thank you to Mike from BARGE as Gateway Garden leader for letting us use here as the drop site! Please be respectful of the garden and enjoy it while you are there so we can repeat this plan in the future.

As a thank you to EEC, we encourage you to donate to us for making these arrangements. Thank you!

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