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How to get involved and stay in touch.

This information is to support and guide you in newly connecting or staying connected with the EEC community!
  1. Make sure you are signed up for our email newsletter, sign up here. This is our formal communication.

  2. Check out upcoming events at and add our public events to your calendar, including recurring monthly meetings, using the public Google Calendar here.

  3. Come to our recurring monthly meetings, the second Thursday of the month every month except December at 6:30pm on Zoom.

  4. Catch up on our blog at

  5. Follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

  6. Join the conversation on Slack: This is a great way to get plugged in to specific projects and receive fun and interesting ​information from our community. Includes informal project and subject focused discussions. Join channels such as plants, nature, & ecology, legislation & policy, planning & development, and joy&fun! Sign up at this link.

  7. Share with the Google Discussion Forum: Email-based sharing of updates and information in your inbox. Email with your request to join.

  8. Read the Take Action page on our website to learn how we work together and take action together.

  9. Donate​ to help support our work.

Join a current project or initiative.

  • Sign up for the Native Plants for Public Spaces Program. With seeds from the community, growing resources by Loyola's Urban Agriculture Program, and distribution through the Edgewater Environmental Coalition, we are pleased to offer native seedlings and plugs for our community's gardens, natural areas, parkways, corner gardens, school yards, and all other public spaces.

  • Outreach to your favorite restaurant on their plasticware and cutlery using our Plastics Initiative Launchpad.

  • Sign up for Litter Free Edgewater. We are working towards a litter-free neighborhood, and we need your help! Clean up your block or business and make it litter-free, read more and sign up here!

  • Sign up to plant a tree in your greenway in 2022! More information and request form here.

  • Sign up for the Hollywood/Osterman Beach stewardship volunteering mailing list here. Learn more here. Follow on Facebook here.

  • Submit LED Street Lighting Complaints here.

  • Interested in joining a team collaborating on any of the following topics: waste, high-rise composting, native plants, garden creations, monarchs, trees, solar installations, and/or transportation? Email and/or start talking on Slack to hear more.

  • Express interest in joining the EEC Board and/or Community Advisory Committee or recommend someone using this form.

  • Learn more and sign on yourself to the coalitions we are a part of!

Illinois Environmental Council IEC works to safeguard Illinois—its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends. IEC represents more than 90 environmental and community organizations and nearly 300 individual members from throughout Illinois. Of which, EEC is one!

Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition Made up of hundreds of environmental advocacy organizations, businesses, community leaders, consumer advocates, environmental justice groups, and faith-based and student organizations working together to improve public health and the environment, protect consumers, and create equitable, clean jobs across the state. Democratize ComEd The purpose of this campaign to achieve the municipalization of the Chicago utility assets of Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) and the creation of a democratically-controlled, municipal utility. Save Your Ash Chicago Coalition A partnership of organizations working together to save 50,000 ash trees in Chicago and preserve the city’s tree canopy. Indigenous Peoples' Day Coalition - Illinois Thousands of Illinois residents support Indigenous Peoples' Day replacing the holiday formerly known as Columbus Day. PLEASE join our efforts!


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