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Katherine's reflection as EEC intern

Hello EEC friends,

My name is Katherine Ambrose, and I've been in the intern position for the Edgewater Environmental Coalition for the months following July of 2022. I am a third-year Environmental Policy student at Loyola, and as this was my first environment-centered professional position, I've had the pleasure of enhancing my environmentalist philosophy and passion with experiences in local-based action. I am incredibly grateful for the coalition's emphasis on community collaboration and personal connection to achieve visions of local health and resilience.

Promoting and joining local events, writing educational resources for community use, and assisting administrative tasks has provided me with an enhanced understanding of the interrelation between people, politics, and environment. I’m glad to have had the experience to campaign and coordinate for our events, augment my knowledge of city legislation, and explore such equity and value-based leadership within a coalition whose goals I passionate about. I hope to draw from my experiences over the last 6 months, especially with our Community Resilience series and our Openlands Tree Planting grant, to carry forth a prioritization for equity conversations and local engagement in my future career endeavors to inform and advocate improved environmental conditions in the City of Chicago.

It's been an honor to contribute to this essential and fulfilling work; thank you for your support during my time as intern, and I look forward to seeing you all regularly at EEC's 2023 events and meetings.


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