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Looking back at Osterman Beach Dunes’ Stewardship Efforts in 2023

As we all rest and restore from a season of volunteering, it’s a great time to reflect and give gratitude to all the good we put forth at the lakefront this past stewardship season. Thank you to everyone who showed up, worked hard, and enjoyed themselves in caring for our wonderful neighborhood natural area. 

Here are some numbers and highlights as we look back on the year:

  • 364 logged volunteer hours

  • Mailing list emails: 415

  • 7 months and 7 work days

  • Lots of snacks and drinks were enjoyed! 5 batches of homemade cookies (banana bars, chocolate chip, cornbread) plus various protein bars, 5 half gallons of sugar-free homemade tea (sweetened with stevia or organic monk fruit) plus filtered water. Thank you Maria!

  • 3 Transformative Trash focused work days.

  • 15 trees planted in adjoining park space.

  • 4 trees planted in northern section.

  • New native species introduced: Breeze Grass,L, HorseMint, Prairie Petunia, Little & Big Bluestems, Sand Reed, June grass, Cylindrical Blazing Star.

  • New tool storage box.

  • Two walking tours on nature-based solutions for lakeshore erosion.

  • On iNaturalist for Kathy Osterman Beach: 33 observations, 25 species, 9 observers.

Next Year:

  • Watering crew creation for the newly planted trees, interested? Sign up here!

Thank you to Jim who is moving back from co-leadership. We have so much gratitude and appreciation for him for his dedication and help in recent years. Welcome and thank you to Derek for taking over for Jim and joining Renee as a new co-steward.

Thank you to Edward and Max from the Chicago Park District Natural Area's Program for their leadership and support for our special efforts this year on nature-based solusions and tree planting.


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