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One Earth Film Festival

On Friday, March 11 of this year Edgewater Environmental Coalition and the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce helped to host a showing of the film Plastic Bag Store: The Film. We welcomed 45 members of the Edgewater community to gather with us in awe of this humorous and creative film on the enduring effects of single-use plastics. The film was extremely powerful in conveying the long-lasting effects of plastics, and how they will be interpreted by future generations. Despite the strong messages about Climate Change, this film broadened the horizon of hope through comedy and a sense of community which filled the room.

It was amazing to see the kinds of people who showed up to this event, with all age groups collectively learning the same lesson to care more about our future. The director and artist behind this film, Robin Frohardt invited the audience to learn about the lifecycle of plastics and how it effects people of different classes as we follow several characters through generations. This 45 minute film was completely free to attendees and we were able to share in an online discussion forum directly after the film. Many great questions were asked and in person guests were thanked accordingly for their attendance to this once in a lifetime event.

Thank you to all who came to the event, shared about it, and those who helped host the event.

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