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Results & Reap: Chicago Climate Action Plan Neighborhood Workshop


Around 30 people came together at 6018North on a beautiful evening in August for an event in EEC's Community Resiliency Campaign: a Chicago Climate Action Plan Neighborhood Workshop.

We brought the new Chicago Climate Action Plan to our community with a presentation from Kyra Woods with the city’s Sustainability team then created a vision for the plan in Edgewater through a facilitation technique called The Braid, a metamodeling adventure, with Adelheid Mers.

Chicago's new climate goals set a course to reduce the city's carbon emissions by 62% by 2040. Anchored in values of economic inclusion and savings, pollution burden reduction, and equitable access to critical infrastructure and community health and resilience, the 2022 CAP prioritizes delivering meaningful community benefits and system improvements as the City continues to lead on climate.

Attendees brought their ideas and reflections on how climate change affects you and the community in Edgewater. We ate and drank with refreshments from Uncommon Ground, Pearl's Southern Comfort, and Axum Ethiopian.

This event was done with support from the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce and SSA #26.


Our Pillars
  • Strengthen our communities (Edgewater + friends/partners)

  • Equitable development of clean energy

  • Circular economies to create jobs & reduce waste

  • Increase public utilities & energy effectiveness

  • Community Identity

Our Strategies
  • Increase renewable energy use

    • Engage Private Industry

      • "Adopt a home," be a connector for clean energy companies to the community

    • 2023 Edgewater Energy Survey

  • Use 2022/2003 city indexes/metrics

    • Use city date to prioritize our projects & efforts

  • Connect producers of waste with users

    • Focus on food waste

    • Incentives for construction waste

  • Use CARE air monitor data

  • Trends in traffic patterns

    • Existing efforts in walkability, working alongside existing plans.

Our Actions
  • Educate and advocate

    • Education to fill gaps in organic waste collection / residential waste diversion

    • Having play book of rights

      • renter/commuter

      • owner/car owner

    • Reduce cronyism to get plans through

    • Education and cooperative forums to have public inclusion to strengthen our community and enable projects

  • ID buildings for best renewables

  • Red Line promotion event upon reopen

  • E.V. Infrastructure with the increase of new Edgewater residents -T.O.D's

  • "Resource community led climate infrastructure projects"

    • Use city/CAP resources for green infrastuture + community solar development

We look forward to working with the city on our identified strategies and actions that are directly related to the Climate Action Plan; as well as working on takeaways that we as an organization can take with local neighborhood partners.

Photographer Credit: Natia Ser

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