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Recap: Fall Community Resilience Workshops

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Herbalism Workshop

On a lovely evening at the end of September, community members came to 6018North for an Herbalism event as part of EEC's Community Resiliency Campaign.

In the interest of exploring passions and curiosities for plant medicine, Reverend Kim Crutcher of the Urban Growers Collective joined us to share her wisdom surrounding the healing potential of herbs. This 90 minute workshop involved discussion of herbal remedy types, qualities of various herbs, histories of healing traditions, and preparation of teas using provided materials.

Attendees, as a result, are more equipped with skills to explore herbal remedies and medicines at home, and to continue to foster their learning journey.

Before the event, we enjoyed community conversation over Vietnamese cuisine from Simply Pasteur. This event was done with support from the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce and SSA #26.

Mending Fair

We gathered in mid-October with local Scrap Squad artists to learn how to sew and repair fabrics. After eating and drinking refreshments from Axum Ethiopian, we covered skills such as the running stitch, threading and knotting methods, and Sashiko mending techniques.

Our intent for this day was that by learning strategies to reuse and repair existing materials, we may cultivate a more circular economy for clothing production and combat textile waste by extending their lifecycle. This event received input from Nandi Duszynski of Bliss Joy Bull clothing collections, Kat Anderson of the Apparel Industry Board, Inc. organization, Katy Osborn of the Nowhere Collective circular marketplace, and Lauren Venell of Maydel ethically sourced crafting.

This event was done with support from the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce and SSA #26.

Thank you!

Thank you to our presenters for their wonderful content and inspiring insight, and to all who were able to join; we look forward to more events designed to share resiliency skills, strategies, and resources in the Edgewater neighborhood!


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