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Summer Solstice Gathering Recap

Thank you to everyone that was able to come out to our Summer Solstice Gathering !!

If this was your first EEC event welcome! We have monthly meetings on the second Thursday of every month (except December) where we discuss environmental events, projects, and actions happening in Edgewater! For those who are already apart of our coalition of community members and environmental stewards, we thank you for your continuous support and help towards making a sustainable future!

We had so much fun and hope that everyone that attended enjoyed and got to learn more about the Bioblitz and Heritage Tree Survey! Also we want to thank everyone that came out to our solstice ritual and gathering!

In our bioblits, we trained people to conduct local biodiversity assessments of various plants and animals in their own neighborhood as a celebration of national pollinator week! Then we took a walk and got to survey all of the plants and animals as we reflected!

When we reached the meditation point we had a green witch ritual, hangout, and gathering for the solstice! We had many people talk and celebrate the summer, include the Alderperson!

We hope to see you all at the next one!

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