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You're Invited! Nature-Based Solutions Walking Tour 8/27

Learn about shoreline erosion and how dunes can prevent it.

W Ardmore Ave & Lakefront Trl, Chicago, IL 60660, USA

August 27, 2023 1pm.

Do you prefer sandy beaches and dunes or concrete walls with no swimming allowed? Water, wind and wave action all erode our fragile shoreline. Dunes and other nature-based solutions protect our shores from erosion without harsh walls. This walking tour shows how “green infrastructure” like dunes offer a better solution to shoreline protection. It will explain how natural solutions can safeguard property, create wildlife habitat and build more beaches. The Army Corps of Engineers is analyzing ways to protect our shoreline from rising lake levels. You can help us advocate for more environmentally friendly treatments. This project is funded by a Friends of the Parks Seed Grant. Can't make this date? There will be another date in September to be announced soon!

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