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Free Seed Libraries


Edgewater currently has two free seed libraries:

How it Works

Much like the little free “libraries” you see around the community, these are intended for anyone to borrow and contribute to, including materials (especially seeds), information on gardening, and your stories.

  • Borrow: Take a seed packet. Take worksheets and other informational resources. Borrow a book. (Later, bring back what doesn’t go into the ground.)

  • Plant: Grow your garden using the seeds and resources. If you’re feeling inspired, document your progress!

  • Return: Gather seeds in summer, fall, and early winter. Collect, process, store, and return them to the libraries for others to enjoy next season.

If you have a story you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it! Tell the librarians, or include your information with the seed packet.

We take all types of seeds, although we are especially looking for herbs, native plants, and flowers that are suitable for pollinator gardens. Before donating, please make sure to harvest the seed heads, break off the seeds from other plant matter, store in paper, then leave in a cool, dry place.

Information to include with donations*

  • Crop Type

  • Variety

  • Year Harvested

  • Notes / Story


  • Original seed source

  • Open pollinated?

  • Heirloom seed?

  • Location grown

Want to learn more? Check out these resource guides:

*credit for labeling sharing information from Roger's Park Seed Library.

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