Green Schools

We welcome student involvement. We have and will continue to partner with students, teachers, administrators, PTAs, LSCs, and parents. Ways in which we do this are:

  • Loyola’s incoming freshman work on greening projects in the community.

  • Senn High School students volunteer for projects and receive credit for community actions.

  • Loyola professors including community projects as part of the learning environment for students.

  • Specific environmental or sustainability projects with the help of partners who help supervise the process.

The following Edgewater schools have robust recycling programs and have improved their lighting for energy efficiency. Some have special gardens or monarch habitats.

  • Edgewater Schools

  • Senn High School

  • Steven K. Hayt Elementary

  • Goudy Elementary

  • Helen Peirce International Studies Elementary

  • LakeShore Schools

  • Sacred HeartSchools

  • NorthSide Catholic Academy

  • Swift Elementary

  • Chicago Waldorf Shool

  • Chicago Friends School

  • Families Together Nursery Cooperative

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