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Announcing New Free Seed Library at the Edgewater Library Branch

In partnership with and located at Edgewater's Chicago Public Library Branch, we are excited to announce a new free seed library in the community! Thank you to branch manager Joanna for the idea, then involving and collaborating with the EEC community so we can help this resource thrive.

The seed library is available now to use and librarians are ready to receive seeds, share and hear seed stories, and direct resources.

Ready to dive in? There are a few spots available for Saturday's 5/13 seed library launch event 'How Does Your Garden Grow?' Join for a presentation about rain or pollinator gardens. Whether it’s a yard or a public parkway you can get both environmental benefits and an area of rest and relief in a busy city! They will also be discussing green roofs, walls, and the best native plants for Midwest gardening. Flyer and registration information below.

Additionally, check out these EEC resources.

How it Works

Much like the little free libraries you see in public these are for anyone to share seeds or information on gardening.

Borrow: Take a seed packet. Take what you need and return what you don't use.

Plant: Grow your garden with the seeds, helpful books, resources, and worksheets from the library and from EEC.

Return: Gather seeds in summer, fall, and early winter. Collect, process, store, and return them to the libraries for others to enjoy next season.

We will take all types of seeds although we are especially looking for herbs, native plants & flowers that are suitable for pollinator gardens. If you have a story to share about it we would love to hear it! Share it with the librarians or include the information with the seed packet.

If you are dropping off seeds, please ensure to harvest the seed heads, break off the seeds from the plant matter, then store in paper, and leave in a cool, dry place. Then, donate and share with community members.

Suggested Information to Include For Donations: Crop Type / Variety / Year Harvested / Notes/Story. Extra helpful to share: Original seed source / Open pollinated? / Heirloom seed? / Location grown.

Launch Event Information


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