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RECAP: 48th Ward Alder Election Town Hall on the Environment (2/4/23)


Thank you to everyone that was able to come out to our 48th Ward Alder Election Town Hall on the Environment !!

We would like the thank all the candidates for coming out and the Episcopal Church of the Atonement for providing the location!


If this was your first EEC event welcome! We have monthly meetings on the second Thursday of every month (except December) where we discuss environmental events, projects, and actions happening in Edgewater! For those who are already apart of our coalition of community members and environmental stewards, we thank you for your continuous support and help towards making a sustainable future!

We had so much fun and hope that everyone that attended was able to gain more insight on the candidate's environmental positions, and campaigns for the 47th ward!

This Town Hall was pivotal in demonstrating to the Alder candidates that green issues MUST be taken more seriously, especially since we had a packed house of 150 + people who attended and stayed for 2 hours both in-person and on zoom!!

If you were unable to make it don't worry! We have the recording of the town hall here, and we are planning to have similar events in the future!

Also, since we were unable to ask everyone's questions submitted, we complied a follow-up survey to send to the candidates full of new and previously asked questions.

In the last portion of the survey we added 12 multiple choice questions asking candidates to clarify positions on the campaigns and initiatives EEC supports with yes, no, or maybe answers. No questions were required and we told candidates to answer as many or as few as they'd like in whatever length or format.

The results are here in the form of individual candidate responses, as well as side-by-side responses here.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who came out to the Town Hall and invite you all to return for our upcoming events!

Lastly, we strongly encourage everyone to vote!

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